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  1. I just love this idea! Vintage tins are adorable. This is a great way to pull them out of storage and give them and our special ornaments an opportunity to shine!

  2. I literally bought all the stuff to do this with a vintage spice tin weeks ago, I just haven’t gotten around to actually do it yet lol but I love this idea! So cute!

  3. Love this unique turn on how to display my Christmas ornaments. You are right, with a pup in the house who loves to run, jump, and play full on 24/7 I do worry about some of my most cherished pieces getting damaged or broken. I may need to look around and see how I can display them in our home in a new light. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This old tin being repurposed is so refreshing! You see potential when people would overlook something like this. Thanks for sharing your creativity with the world!

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