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Repurpose A Halloween Tree To Make A Cute Spider

The Halloween trees are plentiful this time of year in many stores and online. But what can you do with them if you’re not decorating a tree for Halloween (save the tree decorating for Christmas), you can use them to create spiders.

Let’s get started!

Simple and fun craft supplies make this a spider craft for everyone in the family!

Easy To Do For All Ages

Skill Level


Cover Styrofoam With Scrapbook Paper


You will need 2 circles and a strip of scrapbook paper for each spider.

Make Spider Legs


Snip off eight branches for each spider, the wire is thin enough to use scissors but wire cutters make it easy!

Legs On The Spider 


Poke holes for your spider legs. Place a dab of hot glue on your branch and insert into the hole you made.

The Last Step For Your Spider


Googly eyes and a string to hang your cute spider from!

Spider Halloween Craft

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