The Fifth Sparrow No More

1. Popcorn strand

Ornaments & Spray Foam

2. Candy Bars

Fabric Bolts & Wrapping Paper

3. Wrapped Candy

Paper Lanterns, Balls & Cellophane

4. Candy Sprays

5. Rock Candy 

Bingo Chips & Floral Wire

Decorative Glass & Skewers

We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and SYRUP.

– Buddy The Elf

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Spray foam onto a piece of wax paper or cellophane in small mounds. Let dry. Burn holes in bottom of ornaments with hot glue gun. String popcorn piece, then ornament, and repeat. 

Popcorn Strand

Candy Bars

Use cardboard fabric bolts as base for the candy bars. Wrap each end metallic foil wrapping paper. Wrap wrapping paper  around the candy bar and secure with tape.



Use the markings on the parchment paper, space eight of the bingo pieces out. Put a dot of hot glue on each bingo chip and lay your floral wire on top. Immediately place another bingo chip on top. This creates a floral wire sandwich, of sorts!

Rock Candy 

Use hot glue to attach a wooden bead onto the pointed end of your skewer. Pour crushed glass onto a sheet of parchment paper. Next use the hot glue gun to run thick lines of hot glue onto your skewer and roll in the glass. Repeat this in layers until your skewer is covered.

Wrapped Candy

Large wrapped candy - wrap paper lanterns in cellophane and use rubber bands to gather ends. Take five small balls and wrap in cellophane and gather the ends with rubber bands.

Gingerbread Tiered Tray

More Christmas Sweets

Hot Cocoa Bar