Hemingray 17 Glass Insulator


The Hemingray 17 glass insulator is a straight edged insulator that would be perfect for your vintage décor or as a collector piece. These are in excellent used condition with no chips and ready to be used as bird feeders, candle holders, the start to a great light fixture, a paper weight (wrap wire around the top to make a photo clip), book ends or whatever else you can repurpose these for. See how I repurposed the glass insulator into a centerpiece!

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The Hemingray 17 Glass Insulator

The Hemingray 17 Glass Insulator was made from 1938 to the 1960s and was used on long distance telephone circuits.

  • Dimensions: 4″ H × 2 7/8″ W
  • Color: Clear
  • CD 122
  • A note about the CD Number: CD stands for Consolidated Design number. This is a numbering system developed and used by the insulator collecting hobbyist to identify and differentiate between the hundreds of different insulator styles. These numbers do not appear anywhere on the insulators themselves.
Hemingray 17 Glass Insulator CD 122
Ready to feather your nest with

The Hemingray 17 Glass Insulator? 

Hemingray 17 Glass Insulator CD 122

Frequently Asked Questions About The Hemingray 17 Glass Insulator

These are vintage pieces and each one is unique. If there are any chips or stains that will be indicated in the description.

The dimensions are approximately 3 7/8″ H × 3 1/4″ W and the color is clear. The front skirt shows: Made In U.S.A, 6-57 and the rear skirt shows Hemingray-17.

Vintage and Antique items are pre-owned items that may have some wear and tear. Sizes are approximate. Our opinion regarding era, age, genre, style, material, color, condition, origin, history, etc., may differ from yours and is offered without guarantee. Please read the entire product description as we do not offer refunds on purchases. Contact Kristin at The Fifth Sparrow No More if you have any questions.

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I’m ready to feather my nest with Hemingray 17 Glass Insulator!


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